Bridie Carter im Interview

Wir haben mit McLeods Töchter Schauspielerin Bridie Carter über Ihre Haare, Styling und Frisursünden gesprochen. Bridie, you have lovely blond hair. What does your haircare routine look like?

Bridie Carter: There are two cosmonauts, or even three to my hair-care regime. One, I am powerless over and that is genetics. But, fortunately for me, both sides have lovely thick hair and lots of it. Two is the products I use. I swap between 2 brands only – Kerastase and Kevin Murphy. I predominately use Kerastase, and have for years, as I find it is constantly evolving and it really treats my hair and rejuvenates it in a way that looks and feels good. Kevin Murphy is a beautiful product, that has a more natural feel and sometimes I will swap out to this.
I have always used really good products on my hair, it is part of feeling good as a person to me. I also feel like it is part of my responsibility as an actor, when my hair is part of my tool kit, so to speak. My physicality to determine a character. If we take a look into your handbag, which beauty products would we find?

Bridie Carter: You will always find good quality hand cream. I like to moisturise my hair, my hands, my body and especially my face. Aesop hand cream from Melbourne is my favourite. You will also find a NZ brand Trilogy Everything Balm, that I use for my lip care, and you can pop it on any funny spot as a soothing aid. We love your instagram page and your styling often reminds us of Tess. How similar would you say is your private look (fashion and beauty) to that of your Mcleods daughters character?

Bridie Carter: I actually think it is pretty different, but I play Tess, so there will be similarities. If you see my farm look, there is never any styling involved, just throw on something old and something that can get dirty and something that is protective. I tend to dress for comfort, especially in a hot climate, cool, cotton clothing that breathes, but is also fluid. My summer attire is a bikini under a dress! Then I have my “city clothes” for work. I often comment how I have 2 wardrobe – one for home and one for travel. You have to remember, I live on a farm, near a coastal country town, so being dressed up here would look ridiculous – mind you I have seen some ridiculous sights in Byron Bay – high heels down the Main Street – crazy! What was the biggest hair fail of your past? Any teenage sins?

Bridie Carter: Hair fail – definitely getting a bad colour at the hairdresser, which has happened on numerous occasions. Very hard to find a hairdresser who can do a natural, honey blonde like mine. Many teenage sins – I was a goth – Blue-black hair was my favourite at 16. Hilarious! What’s next? Do we see you again on television soon?

Bridie Carter: I hope so! This is my profession, I will keep you posted. At the moment I am super-excited about the Dec 5th McLeod’s Daughters Bush Christmas Live Event being held I the rural town of Lismore. I am reuniting with Lisa, Simmone, Aaron and Myles for the first time for an all day fan event. So exciting.  I look forward to that. Thank you for the interview.

Photocredit: Bridie Carter